September 27, 2007

Ask AL- Tips for Office 2007

"Office 2007 looks totally different different. How do I use the new interface?"

AL's answer for Excel 2007

AL's answer for PowerPoint 2007

AL's answer for Word 2007

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September 26, 2007

CTLT Fall #1 Newsletter

The most recent CTLT newsletter, "Communicating for Learners," is available online as a PDF. Here is a listing of what's available in this issue:

For previous issues of the Center's newsletter, see our archives.

September 18, 2007

MyFiles: Easy File Storage and Access

(This is a re-posting of a previous post on MyFiles @ BGSU. See the full, original post here.)

BGSU has unveiled a new service for Faculty, Staff, and Students...

MyFiles is a network-based, file storage system. It can be accessed at, simply login using your BGNet Username and password. MyFiles provides 1 Gigabyte of disk space per person and allows an individual to store copies of important documents such as homework, notes, papers, and graphics on a system that is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

What is MyFiles?
  • Files stored on MyFiles can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

  • Files can be shared with friends, colleagues, collaborators, conference attendees, project team members, and others, both on and off campus. File owners are able to provide access that can be read-only or read-write, allowing for controlled access and collaborative editing.

  • Files can be tracked to see who has read the file and who has made changes to the file. MyFiles can even store multiple versions of a file to keep a history of revisions.

  • Files are secured by BGSU authentication username and password, and can be accessed by others only if the account owner gives permission. Access can be assigned based on BGSU usernames and passwords, or by electronic ticket that allows individuals not associated with BGSU to gain read-only or read-write access.

  • Files can be accessed by clicking on a designated web URL. Each file has a specific web URL that can be sent to others through email instead of sending entire files as attachments.

What MyFiles is NOT:
  • Not a place for instructors to store class notes for students, Blackboard should be used for this.

  • Not a place to share unauthorized copies of media or other digital files.

How could (or have) you as a faculty member or student utilize(d) MyFiles?
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September 17, 2007

Reflection: Share Your Thoughts -- "I'm Grateful For..."

For Teaching Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants:
As an educator at BGSU, what are you most grateful for so far this semester?

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September 14, 2007

Slideshare: The Show Must Go On! (and on, and on...)

Slideshare is a site for hosting slidecasts - a new multimedia format for viewing slideshow (i.e. PowerPoint) synchronized with a podcast. However, presentations do not need to contain audio to be viewed on It can be used for conference talks, musical slideshows, audio picture books, portfolios or whatever else you can imagine.

Slideshare can be an alternative to Blackboard, when you want your presentations to be available to a wider audience than only your current students or community members, such as conference attendees, colleagues, future/prospective students, etc.

Here are the simple steps to create your own SlideShare show:
  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation file to Slideshare
  • Go to edit slide show > Create Slidecast tab and enter your URL here
  • Synchronize slides and audio using the synchronization tool and click publish
  • Your Slidecast is now ready for public viewing on SlideShare or anywhere else you embed the presentation, such as in a blog, wiki, or other web page.

How could you use Slideshare to enhance student learning? What types of "shows" would you like to share or view?...Click on the COMMENTS link below to get started!

September 5, 2007

Ask AL- Wiki Tips

Question 1
How might I use a wiki in an educational setting?

AL's answer for Mac

AL's answer for PC

Question 2
How can I set up a pbwiki site?

AL's answer for Mac

AL's answer for PC

Do you currently use wikis in the classroom? If so, how? Can you think of any instances where wikis could improve communication and collaboration amongst your students?...Click on the COMMENTS link below to get started!

September 4, 2007

TeachU Online Seminar Series for 2007-2008

The Ohio Learning Network (OLN) announces the 2007-2008 online webinar series. OLN’s TeachU webinars are hour-long interactive web seminars on uses of emerging technologies and pedagogies within the contexts of teaching, assessment, and student success. They’re also free! 

To register go to:

Additional Webinars in the 2007-2008 TeachU Series Include:

October 4th @ 2:00 pm:
The Web 2.0 Classroom: What's Available, Where to Begin, and Innovative Integrations
Presented by Garrick Ducat, Mercy College and Terence Armentano, Bowling Green State University

November 8th @ 3:00 pm:
Stretching Into the Future
Presented by Kay Strong, Bowling Green State University

January 17th @ 11:00 am:
Creating a Course and Open Source Portfolio for First Year Students
Presented by Jason Tetzloff, Owens Community College

January 24th @ 2:00 pm:
Mobile Learning
Presented by Sheri Stover, Bryan Beverly, Frank Carone, Terri Klaus and Chris Roberts, Wright State University

February 14th @ 1:00 pm:
Reverse Benefits: How Teaching Online Improves Face to Face Teaching
Presented by Paul Pennington, Dean of Distance Education and Institutional Research, Cincinnati Christian University

March 20th @ 2:00 pm:
Making CENTSS of Web-based Student Services
Presented by Melody Clark, University of Cincinnati and George Steele, The Ohio Learning Network

April 24th @ 11:00 am:
Blogs and Wikis in an Integrated Curriculum
Presented by Lisa Meloncon, University of Cincinnati

May 29th @ 11:00 am:
Creating Hybrid Courses
Presented by Antoinette Perkins, Judith Anderson, Ingrid Emch, and Sharon Barnewell, Columbus State Community College