November 30, 2006

Valuing Student Learning: What’s your Assessment Model/Theory?

It is undeniable that effective forms of assessment help improve the learning process by keeping the student and the teacher on the same track. We want to hear from BGSU faculty and graduate students about the multiple forms of assessment being used on-campus. What have you found that works in assessing learning beyond the traditional multiple choice testing and research paper writing?

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Bollag, B. (2006). Making an art form of assessment. Chronicle of Higher Education, 53(10). Click here for article

Types of Assessments

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning. (AAHE, 1991).

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yakamashii77 said...
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yakamashii77 said...

As an English instructor, I find assessment to be effective in the forms of journal writing or surveys I post on Discussion Board in Blackboard for semester-long student feedback. Periodically, I toss students an e-mail to ask if everything is okay.

Ann-Gee Lee

richw said...

I like the idea of periodically asking for feedback. I once had a course in grad school in which the instructor gave us a course evaluation form mid-way through the semester. Our responses were anonymous, but it made a positive difference in how the course progressd for the remainder of the term.

richw said...

oops--forgot to add my e-mail and name:
Richard Wisneski

Robyn Peabody - said...

I assign my students homework with each reading. For easier articles they have to write the thesis and the supporting argumentation for that thesis. For harder articles they answer directed questions. This ensures students read and have some understanding of the material before they come to class. This creates more fruitful and in-depth discussions during class.