March 20, 2007

Using Images:

As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." If that's true, then there are many words to be found at Here you can find royalty free stock photos for use in any type of digital or print media that you may use in your work as an educator, researcher, or learner.

Everystockphoto is a search engine that indexes numerous photo sites and has over 1 million free images. Each image has its own ownership license, so when using images from the site be sure to check the license to understand how you can legally use the image in your own work.

Images and photos can be used for numerous projects in an academic setting -- they can enhance websites, PowerPoint presentations, blogs, video clips, movies, and any other digital or even print media. The addition of images can help to better explain or demonstrate theory and processes in a classroom setting.

Share your opinion and experiences by leaving a comment below:
• How have you used stock photos in your teaching?
• What other types of projects could utilize the "power of images"?
• Share your experiences and tips on using

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Anonymous said...

In addition to stock photos, I often use screen shots from my desktop work, websites, or programs to use in PowerPoint presentations or Word documents.

On a Mac, use Apple+Shift+3 (for entire screen) or Apple+Shift+4 (to then select part of the screen) -- each creates a picture on the desktop, called Picture 1, Picture 2, etc.

On a Windows computer, just use the "Print Screen" button (which puts a full screen picture on your clipboard), then paste directly into PowerPoint or MS Word, etc. You may need to crop or zoom the size from there -- go to View menu, Toolbars, Picture -- then crop, zoom, etc. as needed.