July 3, 2007

Personalized Home Pages

There are many options for creating a personalized homepage for your web browser. The Center wanted to pass along a couple options. If you already have a Google account try iGoogle, or if you prefer Yahoo! checkout MyYahoo!, or try Netvibes. All have numerous options that will provide you with a concentrated page full of the information you need. Each of these personal homepages can save time by providing the information you access on a daily basis as soon as you open your browser.

Possible Educational Personalizations include...

-Moon Phases
-Wikipedia Search
-News Feeds
-and many others....

Possible Educational Personalizations include
-BBC News
-Stock Ticker
-Space.Com Feed
-WSJ and many more...

Possible Educational Personalizations include
-NASA Earth Observatory
-Flickr Search
-Blog Search
-News Feeds and many more....

How could customized homepage be used in the classroom? Do you have a personalized homepage? Is it different from the ones listed above...if so what do you use? What information do you have on your homepage?...Click on the COMMENTS link below to get started!

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