October 4, 2007

Examining & Discussing Copyright

Here is a sampling of things overheard during the "Challenges Regarding Copyright and Use" Discussion held in the Pallister Conference room of Jerome Library on October 2:
  • Copyright is a balancing test between protecting rights of creators and the promotion of knowledge

  • Copyright law is based on varying interpretations depending on jurisdiction, legal precidents, and intent

  • Common Misuses
    - scanning an article into a PDF format (obtain permission and/or check copyright permissions first)
    - putting a full PDF copy of an article on your Blackboard site (post a link instead, if from our libraries research database)

  • Questions discussed included:
    - use of digital videos
    - transferring from video to DVD (or other format conversions)
    - creating a digital archive or copy of ancient works from another country
    - use of PDFs

  • Keys to remember:
    - link to an article when possible, rather than providing it
    - article in e-reserves - use only once per semester; after that, permission should be obtained
    - course packs - you or printer must obtain permission
    - exercise your citizen rights by contacting legislators regarding proposed/needed changes for educational purposes
    - you must make a reasonable attempt to seek permission
    - make sure YOUR works are available for future use (refer to Author's Rights Addendum from SPARC)

  • Additional Links:
    - Checklist for Fair Use - A general overview of what can be considered Fair Use; developed by Kenneth Crews, Indiana University
    - Office of General Counsel on Copyright at Catholic University of America (News, checklists, and Q&A with a lawyer)

The next University Libraries Discussion session will be Publishing in Transition on Monday, November 5, from 11:30-1:00.

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