December 7, 2007

Winter Break Reading: eBooks on Teaching & Learning

In addition to the traditional books offered by the university library, OhioLink has a large section of E-Books available. Here are some of the books currently available.

From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction:
Empirically Based Ingredients to Guide Instructional Development 2004
The purpose of this volume is to help educators and training
developers to improve the quality of their instruction. The authors present a four-stage model that includes acquisition, automaticity, near term transfer, and far term transfer.

Learning and Teaching for the Twenty-First Century: Festschrift for Professor Phillip Hughes 2007
This book stresses learning and teaching, rather than teaching
and learning. The focus is therefore on how learning can be
enhanced, through effective teaching; and how individuals can be
best prepared to be excellent teachers.

Engaged Learning with Emerging Technologies 2006
The major purpose of this book is to present and discuss current
thinking, theories, conceptual frameworks, models and promising
examples of engaged learning with emerging technologies.

International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments Series: Springer International Handbooks of Education , Vol. 14 2006
The International Handbook of Virtual Learning
Environments was developed to explore Virtual Learning
Environments (VLEĆ­s), and their relationships with digital, in
real life and virtual worlds.
*Also available in hardcopy

Rethinking University Teaching: A Conversational Framework for the Effective Use of Learning Technologies 2002
This new
edition builds upon the success of the first and contains major
updates to the information on learning technologies and includes
the implications of using technology for the university context -
both campus and electronic - which suggests a new approach to
managing learning at institutional level.
*Also available in hardcopy

What's the Point in Discussion?
This text presents the skills of discussion and how they can be
taught in the context of developing what the author refers to as
a thinking society.

These and many more E-Books can be found here:

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