January 28, 2008

"I Believe..." (What's Your Pedagogic Creed?)

"THE isolation of the teacher is a thing of the past. The processes of education have come to be recognized as fundamental and vital in any attempt to improve human conditions and elevate society."

Although this quote may seem to apply to our world today, it was written over 110 years ago by Samuel T. Dutton in the preface of John Dewey's My Pedagogic Creed, (Google book link; PDF of the book) an essay on the role of education in society during the late 1800s. How much has changed?

In this short piece, Dewey states his beliefs on education, schools, subject matter, nature of method, and finally, schools and social progress--starting every paragraph with, "I believe..."

What do you believe about education today? What do you think your students believe about learning?... Click on the COMMENTS link below to get started!

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