February 27, 2008

Looking for Questions & Answers: Conversation Week 2008

As a follow up from the Questions and Learning: The Dynamic Duo workshop, here is an activity for your students to participate in or create your own list of the Top 10 Questions related to your discipline:

Top 10 Questions from Conversation Week.org (March 24-28, 2008)

For more information on using questioning strategies in the classroom, visit:

Facilitating Discussion: A Brief Guide
by Katherine K. Gottschalk, Director of Freshman Writing Seminars,
John S. Knight Writing Program, Cornell University

Fostering Effective Classroom Discussions
Jennifer Barton, Paul Heilker, and David Rutkowski, English Department, Virginia Tech

Question-Only Session
Stacey Osborn, BGSU

The “Pop Quiz” on Questioning
by Donna Sawyer

What are some critical questions for learning? Are there any "bad questions"?
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