July 25, 2008

Tomorrow's Professor

Would you like to be able to read what people all over the world are saying in the realm of higher education about an array of interesting topics? If this is something you would like, then you should read what a huge network of professionals share almost everyday on Tomorrow's Professor.

This is a collaborative effort by Stanford University and M.I.T., which shares advice, experiences, research and blog postings from all over the world. Tomorrow's Professor has a sharing network of over 25,000 people, at more than 600 institutions, in 108 countries. People can find articles that concern topics ranging from "Avoiding scientific misconduct" to "How to Get the Most Out of Scientific Conferences." In their blog you can find postings concerning a variety of topics, like "Adaptive Learning" and "Academic Advising in the New Global Century."

Please see their Listserv and blog with the links below:

Listserv: <http://ctl.stanford.edu/Tomprof/index.shtml>

Blog: <http://amps-tools.mit.edu/tomprofblog/>

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