November 24, 2008


Teaching and Learning
While the Internet has opened us to a world of information and sources, it can also cause problems in our classrooms. The Internet has provided our students with a wealth of websites that will sell, barter and even give away research papers, English papers and essays. How do you combat this in our classes?

In a recent article in T.H.E. Journal titled “e-cheating: Combating a 21st Century Challenge,” Kim McMurtry provides us with a list of 8 suggestions to combat this type of plagiarism:

  • Take time to explain and discuss your academic honesty policy
  • Design writing assignments with specific goals and instructions
  • Know what's available online before assigning a paper
  • Give students enough time to do an assignment
  • Require oral presentations of student papers or have students submit a letter of transferal to you, explaining briefly their thesis statement, research process, etc
  • Have students submit essays electronically
  • When you suspect e-cheating, use a free full-text search engine like AltaVista or Digital Integrity
  • Consider subscribing to a plagiarism search service, like or

Read the entire article by clicking here

How have you dealt with e-cheating in your classes?

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