April 4, 2008

10-year Plan for Higher Education in Ohio

Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut presented a 10-year strategic plan for higher education to Governor Ted Strickland and the Ohio General Assembly that details strategies to meet the governor's goal of enrolling 230,000 more students while keeping more graduates in Ohio and attracting more talent to the state.

Click here to be redirected to Governor Stickland and Chancellor Fingerhut's video presentation.

The plan promises to raise the overall educational attainment of the state of Ohio.

"This report builds upon the principles I put forth last year in creating the University System of Ohio," Strickland said. "This 10-year plan for Ohio's institutions of higher education will ensure not only that we dramatically expand educational opportunities for Ohioans but that we do so in a way that makes our state a world-class economic competitor."

If you are interested in reading the strategic plan, the executive summary can be found here. Or if you are more interested in the full report, follow this link.

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